What is a capital campaign?

A capital campaign is a spiritual journey.  It will provide each of us an opportunity to participate in serving God by giving back a portion of what He has already given us.  It is a focused time to consider how we can greatly expand the ministry impact of our church in our community. 

How does a capital campaign work?

During this 3-year capital campaign, members will make a commitment each year, over and above regular tithes and offerings, toward the building of a new worship center, and additional children, youth and educational facilities. 

What is the name of our capital campaign?

The name of our capital campaign is Momentum.

Why is Momentum necessary?

Momentum will generate a movement in “THE ROCK” that will allow us to grow spiritually and enable us to expand our ministry and our facilities. “THE ROCK” has begun to grow out of our current facilities. More importantly, we are seeking to expand the ministry of “THE ROCK” to those who are unsaved, hurting and oppressed.

Why launch this campaign during this economic meltdown?

There have been many economic downturns throughout our history.  In the 1920's, we saw the Great Depression. We remember “Black Thursday” in 1929 when the stock market crashed. In the 1980’s, home mortgages were over 20%. Now, it is evident that we are going through the longest recession since WWII. However, we need to remember that God is in control now, just as He has been since the beginning of time. He has a plan that is bigger than any economic crisis. If we have faith and follow His will, we will have success.

How can my family and I get involved?

The most important way to get involved is to seek God in prayer. We believe God will show each of us how to use the gifts and talents that He has given us. This is also a time when each of us must prayerfully seek God in determining the financial role we can play in making this vision, Momentum a reality. All of us cannot give the same amount, but we can all give sacrificially. Each of us can say as David did, I will not sacrifice to the Lord my offerings that cost me nothing (2 Samuel 24:24).